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Mark Hollingsworth

Mark Hollingsworth session player & artist

As an a LA based studio woodwind player Mark Hollingsworth is noted for his work on many instruments including all of the saxes, clarinets, flutes many types of ethnic flutes. He has worked with a broad array of legendary artists from Santana to Luther Vandross, Alice Cooper to Stevie Wonder. His range includes everything from classical to jazz including many ethnic and period specific styles. (For more info go to the Credits page.)

Mark has done two critically acclaimed solo albums and has done numerous studio sessions in LA. He also has done woodwind overdubs for composers and producers from around the world via the internet for years.

Mark's private studio uses the best quality recording gear including API mic pre's, Neve Compressors, Avedis EQ's, and mics by AEA, AKG, Mojave, & Gefell.

Here are some examples of Hollingsworth's woodwind playing. (Also listen to other examples on the "production: page.)